Thursday, 17 March 2011


Skirt, AA,
Tee, Topshop
Belt, Topshop,
Headband, River Island
Tights, Topshop
Boots- Doc Martin

Okay, so I've realised I can't take photos of myself due to crappy camera/laptop, so will have to drag my boyfriend into my blogging venture and get him to take some for me in the future. Its a shame because this outfit is lovely! and the photos do it no justice and I'm so unphotogenic! its tragic! Well back to work for me. Major blogging failure yet again for me.


  1. Hi Gemma,
    Welcome to the blogging world! Loving the sparkly background btw!
    Haha why does everyone start a blog when they've got Uni work to do- I was exactly the same.
    Anyways, I feel privileged to be your first follower. check out it sometime dear.

  2. Love your skirt, very very pretty :) xxx check out my blog maybe? :)