Sunday, 20 January 2013


H&M £9.99

H&M £14.99

Primark (Mens) £7

H&M , £4.99ish

Primark Super slim stretch jeans £11.99

H&M £14ish 
H&M £12ish 

H&M £24

Topshop: Reduced from £25 - £4.50

Topshop: Reduced from £25- £4.50

Both Topshop: £10 each reduced to £2.50

Rings: Both Topshop: £2.50 each 
Superdrugs: MUA Makeup £2-4.

So these are the bits and bobs I picked up from the Trafford Centre the other day. I did get some more make-up, but for some reason i cant upload it! 
I love the printed trousers from H&M! They are a perfect transitional piece and so so cheap, it would have been rude not to! 
I actually nipped back to the Trafford today, I swapped the black and white H&M jumper for a smaller size, as i felt it hung funny on my hips. I also swapped the multi-coloured chain necklace from Topshop, as, if you look closely, you'll see there's a gem missing. It was not a good idea to go into Topshop, I spent the next half an hour wandering around spending money in my head I don't have and left feeling very sorry for myself. You will be mine one day :'-). 
I bought the MUA make-up as I wanted a couple of basics as 'back-up' makeup. I used the BB cream earlier and its a lot thicker than other ones I tried, but hey ho, cant complain when it was around £3. I'm sure I'll still get some use out of it. 

Time to continue with my beloved dissertation.

Bye xx 


  1. MUA makeup is so cheap wow, i guess its time for me to go to superdrug haha! amazing blog;)

    please check out mine and tell me what you think it would mean so much;

  2. Replies
    1. It looks like the ones in Zara but for half the price :'-) x

  3. Love your blog and your style! Would be really nice if you could visit my blog too. I'm blogging about fashion for guys, there isn't a lot of blogs like that so your advice would be really helpful.

    Thank you in advance.

  4. great haul! loving all the jewellery you picked up! :)

  5. Love those h&m leggings and the grey tee as well! Loving the haul, lucky girl!


  6. Great haul. I love primark super skinnys as they always fit right and fave many colours to pick from!

    I currently have a lipstick giveaway MAC & more


  7. The H&M jumper looks lovely, would of thought it would of came from Zara.Great photos x

  8. Great haul , love the h&m gem collar shirt xx